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Sticky elements in Elementor
Currently, when a facet is added to a 'sticky' element in Elementor, so that it remains visible upon scrolling, that facet appears twice in the mobile flyout (because of how the sticky feature works in Elementor). So currently, we have to choose between making a facet sticky, OR providing a mobile flyout for our users. It would be great if we could do both.
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FacetWP automatic outlining items in layout / templates / builder
Atm, when you add multiple items below each other in the Layout Builder, and then make multiple columns, the items are stapled in each column separately. This is fine for some situations. However, for other situations, we might want to have each item in the column at the same height as the corresponding items in the other columns. It would be nice if FacetWP allowed for outlining the items in the layout, so that each item is on the same height, across all columns. Useful options would be to be able to outline each item to "top", "centered" or "bottom".
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