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FacetWP automatic outlining items in layout / templates / builder


Atm, when you add multiple items below each other in the Layout Builder, and then make multiple columns, the items are stapled in each column separately. This is fine for some situations. However, for other situations, we might want to have each item in the column at the same height as the corresponding items in the other columns. It would be nice if FacetWP allowed for outlining the items in the layout, so that each item is on the same height, across all columns. Useful options would be to be able to outline each item to "top", "centered" or "bottom".

2 years ago

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i can provide some screenshots if that would be useful

2 years ago

Yes, screenshots (image URLs) would be helpful.

2 years ago

well this page should make it clear: https://giveforgood.world/en/charities/ Note how in some rows, the donate buttons are all at a different height. And so is the text, if the headings do not have the same nr of rules. This used to be much worse, because our images of the logos were wildly varying in sizes. We now made them all 16:9 to work around that. Like i noted above: it would be nice if we could choose if: A) the items are all stacked directly below each other in 1 column like currently, or B) all the different items in one ROW line up with each other. Eg that all the headings in the link above start at the same height in each row, and all the donate buttons too, etc. That would need to add white space for the columns that have less height in some areas. For that white space, it would be useful to be able to set if you want the item (e.g. the photo, the header, the text, the button, etc) to be centered vertically, or to be at the top or bottom.

2 years ago