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FacetWP should work better with GiveWP


We use GiveWP as donation software on our website. It would be great if GiveWP would work better with FacetWP. For example, we would like to add to each form in the overview the nr of current donors and donations for that form and the total amount raised for that form. At the moment, this is doable via custom code snippets, but this is not ideal. It would be better if the number of donors, donations and the total donated amount could be selected in the elements that can be selected in the FacetWP settings. see also: https://feedback.givewp.com/feature-requests/p/facetwp-should-work-better-with-givewp

1 year ago

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Could you please elaborate on your setup?

If I understand correctly, you're using FacetWP's layout builder to generate a listing of "donor form" items, and you want to be able to add extra details to each item? Is that correct?

Or are you referring to being able to filter (using facets) the listing by # of donors, donation total, etc?

1 year ago

hi, thanks for the reply.

Our setup is that we use Elementor as a page builder, GiveWP as charity donation plugin, and FacetWP for generating listings of charities (the charities are called "Forms" in GiveWP).

Re your question: it is both actually:

  1. we use the FacetWP templates section to generate a listing of Donation Forms. In that listing, we would like to provide some information about each Donation Form (e.g. nr of donors, nr of donations and total amount donated). Currently, that information exists in the DB, but we cannot select it in the list of items in the Layout builder. We know that the info does exist in the DB because we have some custom code snippets now retrieving the information and showing that in the Forms Overview.
  2. Same for the facets: we would like to be able to filter and sort on these same elements, but under facets we cannot select them.
1 year ago