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FacetWP should work better with GiveWP
We use GiveWP as donation software on our website. It would be great if GiveWP would work better with FacetWP. For example, we would like to add to each form in the overview the nr of current donors and donations for that form and the total amount raised for that form. At the moment, this is doable via custom code snippets, but this is not ideal. It would be better if the number of donors, donations and the total donated amount could be selected in the elements that can be selected in the FacetWP settings. see also:
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Create a visual interface for duplicating facets and templates
duplicating facets and templates is possible atm ( but it would be easier + more clear to new users if there was a visual interface for making a duplicate, e.g. with a 'duplicate' button behind each facet and template. Suggestion: replace the red cross that appears when you hover over a template/facet to delete it, with 3 items: 1) pencil for editing, 2) red cross for deleting, 3) the 'two pages icon' for duplicating
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