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Checkboxes: delay before start filtering
Check this video: It's a checkboxes' facet. If I want to select the 5 first checks... I need to wait. If I click all them (like in the video), facetwp you miss some of them. This is because just by clicking a checkbox, facetwp starts to filter. But, in checkboxes, it's usual the user wants to check some of them in bulk. Isn't it possible to add a kind of "delay" for the checkbox facet (let's say 1 second)? So, while you're clicking options, facetwp waits for that delay (1 second, for example) before starting to filter. So, the user can check multiple values before it starts to filter. That would be a great upgrade in UX. I know I can put a filter button, but this is different (and way much better, and only needed for checkboxes). Regards.
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