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Compatibility with Greenshift


It woikd be awesome if facetwp coukd work together with greenshift (query builder): https://greenshiftwp.com/ Is there any chance to make it compatible?

6 months ago

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Hello - it takes a ton of effort to build and maintain integrations, especially these page builder integrations.

Is there anything specific about Greenshift that isn't available in the myriad of other page builder plugins/modules that we already support?

5 months ago

It is one of the best (if not the best), and certainly the fastest growing block-based pagebuilder. It also has a very good query builder ( https://greenshiftwp.com/query-builder/ ), but it would be very nice if the filtering options could be extended with FacetWP functionality. The GS developers are responsive and open to all integrations, so it would be great if this could be put together!

5 months ago