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Select search source separate from the checkboxes


I'd like to have 'categories' in select but the search to search products.

2 years ago

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I have no idea what you're asking for. Could you please elaborate?

2 years ago

Sorry I wasn't clear. Long days. Basically, in autocomplete you get one list of items. If you merge sources you get two lists displayed as one. What would be nice, is to have two sources (category and product title for example) in one module. The checkboxes (source 1) allow you to drill down by category or you can type to search.

This way you don't need two facets (dropdown for categories and a search for keywords/titles etc.). You could have one UI element that allows you to filter by category (displayed like in autocomplete) or type to search.

2 years ago

I feel like that would add so much complexity to the facets and the admin UI in general.

Wouldn't it be equally as effective to stick with 2 facets, then style them on the front-end to appear as though they're combined (like putting them into a custom dropdown container element)?

2 years ago

Definitely sounds equally effective, I just hadn't thought about it. ;) Will give it a shot. On the topic of Autocomplete, is there a way to get featured images with each result?

2 years ago