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Search Alert


A great improvement would be a feature that allows users to set up an mail alert for new search results. Such a feature is very popular f.e. among real estate portals. If it were an add on, I'm sure many customers would be happy to pay extra for it.

2 years ago

Comments (4)

Are you referring to email notifications?

2 years ago

Could probably set this up outside of the facetwp plugin. Plenty of plugins to notify users of new posts that meet certain requirements.

2 years ago

Content Notify is probably your best bet: https://contentnotify.com/

If that plugin doesn't integrate with FacetWP, perhaps their team could consider adding it.

My biggest concern would be server load. Having to calculate whether a post matches against potentially thousands of saved facet searches could prove EXTREMELY server intensive.

2 years ago

Thank you for the recommendations! I will talk to the developer of ContentNotify. Server load is an important point. Maybe it is possible to define a routine so that the calculations and mail sending are done only at night.

2 years ago