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Exclusion Filter


Allow the option to exclude items, for example if I have a recipe site and I want people with a food allergy (say nuts) to be able to show only items that don't include nuts, we have the option of adding an exclude facet.

2 years ago

Comments (4)

Do you have any examples (URLs) of recipe sites using negative filtering?

Also looking for any and all UI/UX guidance on this.

It would be really important that users could easily distinguish between a "normal" and a "negative" facet.

2 years ago

My workaround for this would be to create a custom field "no_nuts" that would get the value of 1 if there are no nuts in the recipe. Then FacetWP would easily be able to pick it up, and you could just display it as a checkbox with a display of "No nuts" under an "Allergies" section of your filters.

2 years ago

If you have two fields you could then have one for positive filtering and one for negative filtering.

If colors were used like red and green it might make it easy to understand. A label with a plus and minus mark (SVG we can choose) there would be good.

2 years ago

Thanks for looking into this further, and thank you all for your recommendations.

I will look at your suggestions and see if we can make that work.

Here's an example: cargurus.com

There are a few "hide results with" fields in the left menu.

2 years ago