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Openstreetmap / leaflet Support


An extension for the map facet that grants you the option to choose between OSM or google maps would be nice.

4 weeks ago

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Yes, I wanted to ask for the same :) Also, Mapbox looks pretty cool and they use OSM data. The free tier at Mapbox is much more generous than at Google Maps and doesn't require a credit card. Maybe Mapbox could somehow contribute to the development.

3 weeks ago

I support this idea. It is the big plus of a competitor. FacetWP should have that too.

3 weeks ago

Our goal isn't to add features for the sake of adding them.

We've stuck with GMaps because its Places API (which our Proximity facet relies on) was light years ahead of competitors.

If it turns out that Mapbox's places search is now on-par with GMaps, then yes we'll definitely consider supporting it too 👍

3 weeks ago

My basic idea was also rather to extend the map add-on by the OSM / Mapbox functionality. In my opinion, the GMaps Places API is still the undefeated market leader.

But if I understand it correctly, the GMaps Places API is not needed for the Map Add-on, because "only" the geo-coordinates are passed and displayed.

As no payment data has to be stored for the OSM / Mapbox variant, I find it worth an idea. In addition, Google does not exactly make it easy to generate an API key (create billing account, deposit the credit card, etc.).

3 weeks ago

Support for MapBox, both the maps and more specifically the MapBox Places API would be good.

Benefits are:

  • More reasonably pricing
  • Privacy Friendly (Google Places API tracks personal data such as IP address, and even more, if user is logged in with a Google Account. It puts off certain users)
3 weeks ago

We need an open source option if possible. Google charges money or stops maps working if you get to many clicks now.


The getCurrentPosition() Method - Return Data

I just made a sample using getCurrentPosition() any my page showed where I was.

If we can set the two values on each post we can filter that way.

I wanna list the straight line distance from the current point to the post location.

Maybe I need an icon to click to enter the current gps location in two fields (longitude and latitude) but have it so a user can type and change the values if needed. Then it just calculates the distance from that point. I would also add a default value so popups don't annoy people.

3 weeks ago