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Facet block support


Make facet features available from the WP block editor.

4 months ago

Comments (9)

Yes, a FacetWP block would be awesome.

4 months ago

Currently, we tell users to paste FacetWP shortcodes into a WP Shortcode block. Any suggestions on what this new block would look like?

I.e. aside from a dropdown to choose a facet / template, what should it contain?

4 months ago

Yeah I agree currently this would be a waste of dev time as you can use shortcode blocks

4 months ago

Sounds cool but feels unnecessary at the moment because we can already do this with the available tools

4 months ago

One benefit of a facet "block" would be visual customization, such as the ability to set a facet label (that automatically hides if the facet has no choices).

3 months ago

The block approach could also eliminate the template drag and drop which, let's face it, is not user-friendly. Why not have the ability to design a template, set colors, margins, paddings, then have another section for the facet, query selector, sorting all from inside the block editor? Facets could also have their own blocks. I understand we have the shortcode but the whole idea of the block is for user experience and ease of use. You can take some examples from a great and very lightweight block add-on called "GenerateBlocks", it's very customizable using only four block elements.

3 months ago

@User 74 - our main focus right now (regarding block editor support) is on the facets themselves. I.e. making it easier to add (and customize) facets on block-enabled listing pages.

While FacetWP does include a layout builder, it was really aimed as being only a starting point. We'd obviously prefer to piggyback off WP's own query block, or 3rd party page builder plugins :)

3 months ago

Not a blocks user, so hope this is an add-on and not added weight to the core plugin.

18 hours ago

Anything that helps me add stuff instead of search around for code to paste into a shortcode field is a plus. If all the code samples were available that could be pasted into the shortcode area it would be fantastic and I'd be okay with just using shortcode but there aren't full samples of all the available options yet. I just have to search for ages now looking for code samples to update sites. This plugin is very cool it's just not documented with enough coding samples yet. As I have to do lots of updates to lots of random sites it's almost impossible to remember everything. Blocks would help heaps of users do stuff easily. Maybe it's not a priority but if I were buying a plugin and it didn't have support for something like blocks I'd think twice before spending any money. It would look like the plugin wasn't being updated properly as blocks have been out for ages.

13 hours ago