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[Feedback Site] Wishlist


Completed items:

  • Email notifications
  • User detail pages
  • Customize display name
2 years ago

Comments (4)

Possibility to follow a thread without commenting. And be notified when its status changes.

2 years ago

Email alerts have been added. You can now subscribe to a post by clicking the star on the top right.

2 years ago

Matt, would be great to see nested items within the template builder. E.g. I have a featured image and I'd like to overlay some text at the bottom of the image. I can't nest the text within the featured image within the template builder.

2 years ago

@User 22 - thanks, but this specific post is aimed at improvements the feedback site itself, know what I mean?

I.e. things that would make https://feedback.facetwp.com better to use

2 years ago