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Add "All" option on all facets


From customer:

"All" option has to be added manually on most of facets via multiple hooks. Adding an option in the admin to enable the "All choices" option by default would be really useful.

3 months ago

Comments (4)

Several facet types (dropdown, radio, fSelect) already support an "Any" option.

I don't feel like it's necessary to include one for checkboxes, considering that the User Selections feature exists.

3 months ago

We've had a few customers ask why an "Any" option doesn't exist in the checkboxes. I agree with you, however I also agree with the store owners / users from a UX point of view that "Any" would be useful. Especially if the store doesn't show the Active Filters anywhere

3 months ago

Is there any way to change that "Any" to say "All"? I have had clients ask if the wording could be changed to All, it does make more sense in some cases.

3 months ago

Look for the Default label UI setting.

2 months ago