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Improve the documentation


Much of the documentation is written with the assumption that some things are already understood. Much of it could be improved for the "less-than-super-techy" folks. For example, giving examples of when you might use a feature in "real-life" to accomplish a goal would be really useful. When the documentation includes the exact same text as the on-screen help, it's not really that helpful. More screen cast video training would also be helpful. Adoption and use of your product will increase with better documentation and training. I guarantee it.

11 months ago

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We have a lot of documentation.

Perhaps you could start by pointing me to a few specific page URLs, and telling me what isn't clear about those pages?

11 months ago

Here is an example of what I mean. When looking at the the Facet Types in the plugin, regarding Sort Order, the choices are Facet Count, Display Value, Raw Value, or Term Order. When I go to the documentation, that is all it tells me but I already knew that just by looking at the drop down in the plugin. I want to know what Raw Value means but when I search the documentation on "Raw" - I get nothing except the change log. It might also be nice to have some "real-life" context as to when you might want to make one choice over another. As it stands now, I have to try each one to see what it does and then decide. Please don't get me wrong. FWP is a GREAT product and some of the documentation is fine. But there are other places where it is lacking context so I know how to configure things for my specific needs. Back in my corporate days I was a Technical Writer and Instructional Designer and so repeating what appears on the screen and calling it "documentation" is one of my pet peeves. I seriously am only trying to help. For what it's worth...

11 months ago

I have the exact same problem. I just want PHP samples I can copy and paste and names of files the code need to be copied into if needed like functions.php or if it can be used in templates. There is heaps of info but it's not clear from a regular users point of view. If there were real life copy and paste example or even downloadable working samples it would help users a lot. I just want a sample of code to show the current page number only. It is super difficult to find. Do you have that somewhere already? I can't find it anywhere.

For example https://facetwp.com/documentation/facets/facet-types/pager/ doesn't have just PHP that shows how to recall different figures.

The page also shows Facet types in the left side menu but it doesn't show any sub categories in the left menu.

Please add PHP on that page.

11 months ago

Can you add some better details to the https://facetwp.com/documentation/developers/output/facetwp_sort_options/ page please? How can you create 2 different sort facets? One in one language and one in another. Also how can you have 2 languages on one facet that sorts?

For example just in the functions.php file:

add_filter( 'facetwp_sort_options', function( $options, $params ) { $options['default']['label'] = "<span class='jp'>並べ替え</span> <span class='en'>&#x25b2;&#x25bc;</span>"; $options['title_asc']['label'] = 'A - Z'; $options['title_asc']['label'] = '昇順'; $options['title_desc']['label'] = 'Z - A'; $options['title_desc']['label'] = '降順'; $options['date_desc']['label'] = '<span class="en">Newer </span><br><span class="en">↑</span>'; $options['date_desc']['label'] = '<span class="jp">新しい順 </span><br><span class="jp">↑</span>'; $options['date_asc']['label'] = '<span class="en">Older </span><br><span class="en">↓</span>'; $options['date_asc']['label'] = '<span class="jp">古い順 </span><br><span class="jp">↓</span>'; return $options; }, 10, 2 ); ?>

Can you give a PHP sample where we can set anything we like? There aren't any samples of code now.

I want one sorter in English on one page but another in Japanese on another page. I'm sure with some better examples it would be easy to do stuff like this.

Your Facet plugin is starting to look really good and the improvements you have made in the documentation are wonderful so far. Thank you.

8 months ago

Closing for now. We've been working on many documentation improvements, and they'll start rolling out in the coming days / weeks :)

7 months ago