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Progressive Enhancement with no-JS support


It would be amazing if at least some facets worked without JS, so that a basic set of checkboxes, radios, selects, and text boxes could work with or without JS. Doing this would make sites extremely resilient. (See: https://resilientwebdesign.com/)

11 months ago

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FacetWP is heavily dependent on JS; this is most likely add-on territory.

As you know, FacetWP doesn't use <form>s. Values are dynamically pulled from the DOM. Since facets can live pretty much anywhere on the page, building this into core would require wrapping a form around pretty much the entire body (not good).

Then there's the issue of needing actual HTML input elements (per your other feedback item).

A "Noscript" add-on -- which detects shortcodes on the page and backports facets (as best it can) into an HTML form -- would probably be the best case scenario.

10 months ago