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Filter List of Terms


It would be incredibly useful to be able to filter a list of Taxonomy Terms.

4 weeks ago

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Thanks for the feedback!

Perhaps you could elaborate on your specific use-case and why you think a term listing is preferrable over using a (custom) post type?

I ask because we generally discourage folks from treating terms as content.

Supporting term listings would require major structural changes to FacetWP, and would likely add additional overhead.

4 weeks ago


So currently I am developing a tractor website that lists a bunch of classic tractor data.

I have a Custom Post Type called "Tractor". This post type as 2 taxonomies attached to it, It has a "Manufacture" and "Era" taxonomy.

Let's say one of my users comes to my site, I have the A-Z alphabetical FacetWP for people to sort a list of all the Manufactures. I can't do this without being able to filter taxonomy terms.

Here is the test site I'm currently working on-


If you head to that page you can see I have a list of Manufacture taxonomy terms but I have no way to filter this list with FacetWP

4 weeks ago